Personal Wedding Style

Personal Wedding Style


One of the biggest challenges of planning a wedding is getting organized. So let’s break down the planning process into digestible parts.  What is the first thing that we girls do after we are proposed to?  Yes, we tell everybody…but then we start immediately thinking about our dress.  What will is look like?  Where will we buy it from?  How much will it cost?  It can be a little overwhelming!  But it can be easier if you now what your personal wedding style is!


5 Basic Personal Wedding Styles

We think we can simplify this so it’s not so overwhelming.  There are 5 basic personal styles: CLASSIC, NATURAL, MODERN, PLAYFUL, and ROMANTIC.  Without reading a description, do you know which one you are?

CLASSIC:  Classic Brides gravitate towards quality. You are distinct and timeless.  You are the definition of a ‘lady’.  Your fashion sense is tasteful, traditional, and timeless.

NATURAL:  Natural Brides have an inner longing for freedom, maybe even a little bit of a wild child side.  Your look is clean, earthy, and pretty.  You are a mesh of different cultures and your style is uniquely yours.

MODERN:  Modern Brides love clean lines with that modern twist.  Perhaps a little unconventional, you are always fashion-forward.  You are a trend setter, heavy on class with a side of sass.

PLAYFUL:  Playful Brides are easy going, laid back, and relaxed.  Your look is pure, innocent, and sensual.  Your natural beauty shines though.

ROMANTIC:  Romantic Brides have spent their childhood dreaming of the time when they get married.  They have been looking for their Prince Charming all along.  You want the fairy tale, dream wedding and will settle for nothing less.


Personal Wedding Style and Your Personality

So where does your personality fit?  Wouldn’t knowing this about yourself help you to pick the perfect dress?

CLASSIC:  Classic wedding gowns would boast clean lines and elegant details.  Perhaps something like an A-line or a sheath silhouette with an elegant neckline.  Strapless gowns are always a good choice.  They can be easily embellished and personalized.

NATURAL:  Natural wedding gowns are more vintage in style.  Your dress could be your ‘something old’.  Delicate fabrics found in Grandma’s attic or a thrift store may be hand made into the perfect dress that is carefree and earthly.

MODERN:  Modern wedding gowns will be trendy, chic, and body hugging that purposely reveal your silhouette.  You may intertwine flourishes from the other styles but use them in a unique way.  Your isle will be your bridal runway.

PLAYFUL:  Playful wedding gowns are comprised of light-weight, flowing fabrics. These fabric types will fall delicately over your silhouette and compliment your carefree personality. The ‘no fuss’ approach to the dress lends way to showing off the natural beauty and glow of your skin.

ROMANTIC:  Romantic wedding gowns are Cinderella gowns.  These princess style dresses are multiple layers and embellished with beading, crystals, and jewels.  The fabric is more still so it holds its ball gown shape and would have tulle underneath for shaping.  These dresses tend to be the heaviest of all the gowns because of the attention to detail.


Personal Wedding Style and Your Dress

Your Bridal Boutique will help you select a dress in your style that flatters your figure and personality.  It will play down any parts of your body that you don’t like.  You should feel beautiful, sexy, and like a princess.  Above all you should feel comfortable.

Things to keep in mind when you wedding dress shop:

  1. Choose a dress that plays up your great features and hides any flaws.  This way you will feel comfortable in the dress and look the best you can in front of the camera and on your big day.
  2. Consider coordinating your location, décor, time, and wedding style with your dress.  You can use these things to help you choose just the right dress.
  3. Set appointments at the dress shops so you will be assured an attendant.   This will make your shopping experience less stressful and fun.
  4. Decide what your budget is before you ever start shopping.  This will keep you on point and in budget.  Don’t try on a dress that you cannot afford.
  5. Bring a pair of heels to try dresses on with.  Once you find your perfect wedding shoes, use them to have your dress altered by.
  6. Consider using taking your planning notebook with you.  Try collecting photos of dresses that you like and want to try on.  This will give the attendant direction and keep the time you have with this person as productive as possible.
  7. Don’t take tons of people to go dress shopping.  Take 1-2 trusted people (mommas or a couple of close girlfriends)  Too many people makes it difficult to make a decision and can cause stress.
  8. Lastly, keep in mind that the most important detail is that you are comfortable in the dress and that YOU like it.  It should compliment you and your style.  This is a huge decision and you should purchase only if YOU love the dress!

The Perfect Fit

Most Brides plan to trim down just a little before their big day.  If you are planning to do so, order a dress that fits you right now and have it altered to fit after you shrink.  Schedule at least 2 fittings very close to your wedding day.  As a result, you will ensure that your dress will be custom altered to fit your every curve.  Bring an honest friend to your last fitting.  They will need to help you look for any bulging or pulling.  If you are not 100% satisfied, ask for another alteration.  OUR advice?  Don’t focus on the ‘size’ of your dress.  You may wear a size 10 jeans but a size 14 dress.  The sizes of wedding dresses don’t correlate to everyday wear clothing. Buy the dress that you like regardless of size and have it tailored to fit your body.

Money Saving Tip

Purchase an inexpensive dress and add your own personal touches to it.  Shop the upscale boutiques for their discounted or on sale gowns.  Look on eBay or Craigslist or at your local second hand boutique.  You can save a TON of money but just check for any staining or damage.  Lots of time the dresses have never even been worn.  Also, consider wearing a dress that has sentimental value.  Perhaps your Mom wore it – it can be tailored to fit your body and customized to reflect your personality and style.  And don’t forget about renting a gown.  This is a huge trend and really does free up a huge portion of the overall budget.


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