Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location


A huge part of the planning process is to secure the location for the ceremony and the reception.  But how to you narrow the many options down to just a few?  Location is everything!  You have heard it from the real estate world for many years.  Location, Location, Location… The same is true for weddings.

The place your hold the ceremony and the reception should complement the overall theme of your wedding.  Remember that this location will be where you say your “I DO’s”; it will be place where you have your first dance as a married couple.  It will set the tone of the whole day.  Take cues from your style preference (see our earlier post(s) on your wedding style) to help you select your location.

Does this location make you feel completely comfortable?  Are you able to make it your own by customizing the tables, adding a big screen to watch a slideshow of your lives, involve your pets, or adding décor? Does this location allow you to write your own vows or to have the photos that you envision in your mind?  Will they allow the photographer to find that perfect location to get every shot you want?  Does this location fit all of your dreams?

Consider our 5 styles again….


Classic Brides would likely choose a mansion, country club, or a sprawling estate.  May we recommend Bellamy Mansion, River Landing, Wilmington City Club, or Biltmore House?  Here class meets creativity with a twist.


Natural Brides gravitate to the wooded back yard or historic farm.  We recommend Orton Plantation or Poplar Grove Plantation for that down-home natural feel with a touch of elegance.


Modern Brides may love the idea of an art museum/gallery or a park reserve.  We like Cameron Art museum for a trendier feel with clean elegance.


Playful Brides want to be married on the beach, in a vineyard, or by a pool.  Creativity with a comfortable, fun setting is a must.  We love any of our beautiful beaches and the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher.  Just make sure you check to see if you need a permit.


Romantic Brides would likely choose a castle, sculpture garden, or an enchanted forest.  We like Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World, a destination wedding to an actual historic castle, Temple Gardens at Landfall, Kenan Chapel, or Airlie Garden.  At any of these places, you will feel like a princess for the day.


Just a few things to think about as you are selecting your location…go ahead and decide if you want a religious or non-religious ceremony.  Do you want to be married by a priest, rabbi, minister, justice of the peace, preacher or other public official (if you don’t already know who you want to marry you)?  If you are having a non-religious ceremony, make sure the person can legally marry you.  They must be able to provide you with all of the legal documentation after the ceremony.  In the near future, we will discuss the ceremony and the reception in detail.  There are logistics and key players that will help your big day go smoothly.  Until then, good luck with finding your special location.


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February 25, 2021


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