I was originally born out west in Washington state, and now call Wilmington, North Carolina home. Just let me say that even though I was originally a Seattle Seahawk fan, and will be for life, I am also a Carolina Panthers fan for life... mostly because my neighbors threatened to disown me if I didn't convert! I started out my photography career as a macro photographer but have enjoyed success by bringing the same eye for capturing light into the wedding and portrait world. 

My love for capturing moments in time is evident throughout my work. I'm told that I have a knack for capturing the moments you didn't even know happening but were during a wedding. My other loves include my family, golf, snowboarding, grilling on my Kamado Grill, and traveling. I am blessed to be able to photograph and preserve your wedding memories beside my beautiful wife and to witness the marriage of two people deeply in love.

Just a couple of random facts that you may not know about me: I am a licensed insurance agent in the state of North Carolina. I have recently developed a dairy allergy, so I am learning to love vegan food! I have a very large Pez collection, and I look forward to spring each year because I get to hand select new flowers for our yard. Call it a labor of love, but I love it. Oh, and I also LOVE gummy everything... worms, bears, rings, etc.

I was originally born in Albany, Georgia but now call Wilmington, North Carolina home. I started playing the piano at age 4 and hold a degree in piano and voice. I am an operatically trained coloratura soprano. I taught piano and voice lessons privately for over 10 years. I also ran my own successful interior design firm for several years. Owning my own business provided me the freedom to be a parent when my children needed me the most.  

Being an interior designer and parent is actually how I got my start in photography. I began by photographing the homes I designed, interesting architectural pieces, and buildings. Then i tried my hand at posing my energetic kids who didn't want their picture taken? I didn't take an interest in wedding photography until my first marriage netted me a disastrous wedding photography experience and no wedding photos. It's those memories that motivated me to start Bella Lumiere Photography. 

Just a couple of random facts that you may not know about me: I love everything Christmas!! I love it so much that I was married on December 20th. I wear a medical ID bracelet because I am allergic to everything in the nightshade food family which includes tomatoes, potatoes, all peppers, eggplant, goji berries, as well as tobacco. And, I am also a licensed insurance agent in the state of North Carolina. I specialized commercial lines and hold both coveted CISR and CISR Elite designations. 


We are DELIGHTED that you have found our site! 

We are Riley-Payton + Matthew, local and destination wedding and portrait photographers based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our style is timeless, romantic, and vibrant with storytelling qualities.

Every wedding day and portrait session is unique. Each wedding is photographed in a specific way, so our couples have the chance to re-live their special day over and over again. Our portrait sessions and wedding days are designed to be fun, relaxed, and full of great experiences along the way!

Even though our home is close to some of North Carolina’s most beautiful beaches, we LOVE traveling, especially to new places we’ve never been. We cherish the opportunity to meet new couples and families on our travels. And we are thankful that many of them turn into great friendships. Our passion is telling love stories through our talent and we would LOVE to tell yours.

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