Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Tips


When a woman is proposed to, her heart skips a beat and she can’t wait to show friends and family the new addition to her hand.  Naturally her next thought is, “I have to get started planning…I don’t have much time!”  Bella Lumiere Photography is going to help you simplify the planning process.   We are addressing various parts of the wedding planning process with tons of tips, so checkout our blogs in the category of wedding planning.  Also included in our posts will be ways to save money during each stage of the planning process.  So stay tuned for a whole lot of education in a series of short blogs.

So today, we want to start with organization.  A bride can have the best ideas, style, and dreams, but without a plan to keep it all straight, she may become frustrated.  Please understand that we believe that planning a wedding should be fun!  So how do we make it fun and still productive?  Organization.

Wedding Planning Tip #1

We suggest purchasing something to help you compile all of your thoughts and resources.  We am a big fan of a 3 ring binder with pockets or clear zip pouches with to keep business cards or photos of my ideas.  You can purchase things like this at your local craft store, online, or make something like this.  The goal is to have one place with everything in it for your wedding.  We are going to dissect each part of the wedding planning process in detail so that you can build a solid wedding plan if you don’t already have one.

Wedding Planning Tip #2

The media is full of ideas and resources; have extra paper in your book so that you can keep up with web address, or display photos or fabric swatches.  Look around on the web, go to wedding shows.  Get an idea for what you like and save the photos or websites or business cards.  Take photos with your cell phone and then print them and add them to your book if you see something you like.  These things are invaluable in helping you figure out your style, budget and staying organized.

Wedding Planning Tip #3

Talk to people that you trust – your parents, friends, women that have been married recently.  Talk to them about the logistics of your plan and the venue.  What worked and what didn’t?  Those who have gone before are a wealth of knowledge.  You could learn a lot from them and avoid potential disaster.

For example, a friend of mine got married at a beautiful high end golf course.  She wanted to married outside on the green.  On the day of her wedding, the area was dressed for her wedding.  It looked stunning, she looked stunning.  She cascaded down the stairs with style and class.  She stepped off on to the grass and sank.  Her beautiful white satin heels punctured the well manicured green.  This made her a lot shorter and now her dress was too long and as a result, dragged the ground.  For her photos, she had to stand on her tiptoes so her hemline would be at the correct length.  She said if she’d done it again, she’d have worn wedges.  Moral of the story, learn from those who have gone before you.

Now that you have an idea of how to organize, let’s get started with the planning process….  STAY TUNED!

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February 22, 2021


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