How to Relax During Photos

How to Relax During Wedding Photos




Well  you are not alone!  Most engaged couples feel some level of nerves or anxiety when they think about wedding photos. We’ve heard everything from, “We are so awkward in front of a camera!” to “I’m not photogenic.”  Some couples even say, “I don’t know how to pose for couples photos.” or “I’m too fat to have my picture taken!”  In the end, every couple wants to know the same thing. “How do I look natural in my wedding photos?”



1. Choose a photographer you trust and feel comfortable with

Choosing a wedding photographer that’s the a good fit will help you feel relaxed on your wedding day.  And if you feel relaxed, you are well on your way to beautiful wedding photos.  You should feel at ease and comfortable around them.  You will spend your entire wedding day with them, so  make sure you feel comfortable.  This will reflect in your photos.

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2. Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are so much fun!  They are completely relaxed, casual time together… not forced or awkward.  By having an engagement session, you’ll have the chance to prepare for your wedding day photos.  You will get to know Matthew and me.  And you will experience how we both shoot and how I handle posing and lighting.

If you are feeling anxious or self-conscious, let me know!  Many times these feelings stem from a fear of the unknown. But sometimes they stem from a fear of how you will look in a photo.  We all have ‘areas of concern‘ on our bodies, no matter our size.  I specialize in posing for the plus-size, curvy body.  Therefore, I am able to minimize or hide any areas of concern.

By having an engagement session, we’ll arrive on your wedding day already knowing how you two interact. We’ll already know what your best poses are and how to photograph you in a genuine way!  You will both feel comfortable on your BIG day thanks to the great practice you had during your engagement session.  What a wonderful way to disperse these fears and put you at ease for your big day!

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3. Couples photos away from guests

Matthew and I are huge fans of the ‘First Look‘.  Normally the wedding day starts when you walk down the aisle.  Then, as soon as the ceremony ends, you rush through portraits so that you’re not late for the introductions and the start of your own reception.


Well, with a first look, you two have time to yourselves… alone!  You get rid of your nerves!  The wedding day pace can slow down for a few moments.  You can take time to enjoy seeing each other for the first time all dressed up without hundreds of eyes watching your every move.  Those wedding photos will be some of the most tender and genuine photos from your wedding day.  And instead of being rushed for your bridal party portraits after the ceremony, you actually get to enjoy them and still be on time to your reception.


If you don’t have a First Look, wedding portraits usually happen just after the ceremony.  We prefer to photograph our couples away from friends and family.  So, we will choose a place at your venue or very close by for your portraits.  Having a little distance from onlookers will help you feel relaxed so you can focus on each other.  A little time for just the two of you after your ceremony is priceless!  The benefit is that we will see you as you are naturally.


It’s simple:  once a couple forgets about the photographer being there, the natural relaxed beauty will show through.  They won’t have to “try” to make a photo…it will just happen.


4. The in-between moments

Sometimes it’s the moments between poses where the two of you are genuinely interacting.  Perhaps you are laughing or whispering something quietly into your spouse’s ear.  Those moments are some of the sweetest, so truly enjoy each other on your amazing day! We will capture these candid moments without interrupting.


5. Relax and have fun!

It’s so simple, just relax and have fun!  But while it’s super important, it’s not always the easiest thing to do.  Diverting focus or distraction is a simple yet effective way to help you relax.  For example, we may get them to tell us about how they met, or the day he proposed, or their honeymoon plans, etc.   Anything will do so long as it is happy and distracting enough to take their mind off of the obvious.  As the wedding couple begins to open up, you will see their true self come out – sincere smiles, facial expressions, reactions, laughter.  That’s your Kodak moment!  So, take a few deep breaths, enjoy your soulmate, and bask in the moment!


Did You Know That Your Photographer Is in Your Photos Too?

Sure, our job as photographers seems simple enough.  It goes without saying that real human interaction will always yield the most touching and beautiful wedding photos.  As a wedding photographer, we’re not solely the invisible witness behind the lens.  We render our perception of the couple’s wedding day into each photograph we take.  So remember that how you interact with that photographer will show up in the finished product.   It is the photographer’s job to help you feel at ease and to relax.  Then, as they help you forget they are there, each photograph will sincerely capture your essence and preserve it for a lifetime.

If you have any questions about our wedding photography or to book your wedding with Bella Lumiere Photography, please contact us.

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