The Bella Lumiere Vision

The Bella Lumiere Vision


The Bella Lumiere vision is the foundation and compass for our business. It always will be! So what is vision?

Andy Stanley says, “Vision, is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.” 

For us, it serves as a guide for everything that we do before, during, and after a wedding.  And, it’s reminds us that we play a crucial part in preserving those memories for a lifetime and beyond.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

The vision outlines our commitment to our clients. We commit to providing each client with timeless, beautifully hand-edited, high-quality images that are breathtaking. We commit to providing each client with a boutique experience that is relaxing, fun, and comfortable. And, we commit to visually telling your personal love story.

As visual storytellers, we bring to life our wedding couples’ photography vision. We preserve the candid moments and capture natural emotion. And we document the before, during, and after of every wedding.


The Experience

When couples look at a photograph, a feeling almost always comes to mind. For example, have I posed the wedding couple in an uncomfortable position? Do they feel awkward? Our wedding couples deserve good memories from their experience with us. Couples should remember the special moments, not how they felt when they were posed for a photograph.

Many of our couples become lifelong friends. By offering portraiture, we are a resource for those future moments that must be remembered. We love that our wedding couples come to us for their maternity, newborn, family photos, and even senior portraits.

Extend the Life of Your Marriage

Most importantly, the Bella Lumiere vision is to improve and extend the life of MARRIAGES. No matter how in love couples are on their wedding day, no marriage is immune to tough times or worse yet, divorce.  Our sincere hope is that they will use their heirloom album as a constant reminder of their love for each other. Hopefully, those photographs will help them fight through life’s tough spots.  And then, when their family grows, Bella Lumière Photography will be here to capture every one of life’s precious moments.


If you have any questions about our wedding photography or to book your wedding with Bella Lumiere Photography, please contact us.

bride and groom's wedding rings laid side by side in a row and photographed on the veil

March 10, 2020


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